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Finding joy and improving quality of life through meaningful, accessible, and intentional movement.


Quality of Life's Fitness Philosophy

Adult Ballet Class

We've all heard the "no pain, no gain", "no excuses", "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" rhetoric around exercise and fitness.

But there’s another side to fitness. A side that offers more accessibility and inclusivity. One that doesn’t find morality in a muscle. One that values both kale and cookies. One that is gentle, fun, and sustainable. Where sometimes there truly is an excuse. Where we move in meaningful and intentional ways not because we hate our bodies and want to change them, but because we want to meet ourselves where we are and hold ourselves in loving compassion exactly as we are. One that measures progress in quality of life. 

Every body belongs in the gym and everybody deserves to find improvement in their quality of life through the integration of more meaningful movement without getting discouraged from exercising by the toxic gym culture surrounding it.


Yoga Classes

A variety of classes, from hatha to restorative to chair to vinyasa, are offered at different locations throughout the month. Props and modifications are always encouraged to keep our yoga practices safe and sustainable and ensure that we're adapting the postures to fit the body instead of adapting the body to fit the posture.

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